Hypnotic Weight Control


The pioneering hypnotherapy delivered by Marisa Peer over the last 25 years has used sustainable hypnotic weight control techniques to help people across the world reach and maintain their ideal body weight without extreme diet or exercise regimes. These techniques are now available for you to listen to from the comfort of your own home with Marisa’s series of weight loss audio downloads; ‘Hypnotic Weight Control’ and ‘Hypnotic Gastric Banding’.

Download now for just £38.43 from the Marisa Peer shop.


Hypnotic weight control works by reprogramming your brain to have a positive relationship with food and exercise without you ever feeling deprived or restricted. Marisa’s popular at-home hypnotherapy audio saves you the cost of a personal trainer, the upset that follows extreme dieting, and the rollercoaster of inconsistent weight that comes with ‘yo-yo dieting’. This audio helps you reach satiety sooner and train your brain to make wiser food choices.


Marisa’s weight loss hypnosis incorporates mental commands that drive you to eat more selectively and motivate you to eat healthier! This weight loss hypnotherapy also helps you overcome cravings and binging by adjusting the emotional power of food.


Hypnotic weight control is a safe, natural and sustainable method of weight loss, which unlike many surgical weight loss solutions, is non-invasive nor a risk for our body. The mind is often more powerful than our bodies, for example when we a appear to have ‘eyes bigger than our belly’. This is because we listen to our mind rather than our body. Marisa’s weight loss hypnosis trains your brain to make the right decisions and have a positive influence over your body.


Sustainable Hypnotic Weight Control


This programme allows you to maintain a low body weight as long as you continue to listen to the audio. This ensures the memory connections and associations that have been formed in hypnotherapy remain favourable and active. So your healthy decisions will not fizzle out over time, but in fact grow stronger. This is unlike many extreme diets and exercise regimes which lead to unsustainable and short-lived weight loss.


Here’s what one of our valued customers has to say about Marisa’s revolutionary weight control audio hypnosis:

“I have started on a lifestyle change programme by Marisa Peer and after one week of cutting out processed food out and dairy, I’ve lost 12lbs!”- Chris, Swindon


Download Marisa’s audio today from the Marisa Peer shop for just £38.43.