Perfect Pregnancy


Pioneering hypnotherapist Marisa Peer has spent over 25 years traveling the world and sharing her knowledge and experience in hypnotherapy, and is now here to show you how you can have a perfect pregnancy with the help of advanced hypnotic techniques.


Marisa has treated both men and women with unexplained fertility and improved couples success with IVF treatment, all through using her pioneering fertility hypnosis. This guides your body and mind into doing exactly what it was intended to do – create a perfect, healthy baby.


Unexplained infertility is frustrating and upsetting for hundreds of men and women across the globe, because there is nothing dysfunctional about your body…so what could be causing it? The answer is internalised emotions. For example, if you’ve ever had a pregnancy scare as a young teenage woman and had the disastrous mental scanning process of ‘Lord please don’t let me be pregnant’ etc, then from a very young age you’ve already conditioned your mind into wanting to avoid pregnancy. This can be from years of birth control and school education surrounding the effects of teenage pregnancy on young women. Well, this deeply internalised representation of having children may be the root cause of your unexplained infertility, because you have programmed your – surprisingly intelligent – cells to effectively ‘switch off’ fertility. Therefore, all you have to do to unravel this habit of thought is reprogram your brain to think otherwise. This is where hypnosis comes in.


Pioneering hypnotherapist Marisa peer has given hundreds of women the perfect pregnancy they have longed for by retraining the brain to think positively about childbirth and having a great pregnancy. By targeting your subconscious with suggestions and commands, Marisa can bring about a rewiring of the brain that encourages healthy conception and a fit pregnancy.


Worldwide Success | Perfect Pregnancy


Marisa has appeared on many TV shows including GMTV, written award-winning books and traveled the world teaching others her hypnotherapy masterclass and is now regarded as one of the most pioneering fertility hypnotherapists in the world.


Marisa has demonstrated on live TV the power of the mind in pregnant women and has shown hundreds of women how to have a healthy pregnancy, a perfect delivery and of course how to raise your beautiful, healthy baby with confidence.


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