Overcome your Fear of Heights


Learn how to overcome your fear of heights with simple, easy to follow steps delivered through pioneering hypnotherapy from Marisa Peer.


Many phobias are rooted in past trauma and deeply internalised experience, and a fear of heights is no different. With appropriate hypnotherapy techniques you can release yourself from such internalised experiences and overcome your fear of heights by learning how to control the thoughts, feelings and actions you elicit when presented with your fear.


It’s All Psychological


There are only two fears which we are born with, and those are a fear of noise and a fear of being dropped. This means that all other fears and phobias are not innate and instead learned through experience. A phobia generally derives from a particularly negative exposure to a particular experience, and eliciting a future fear in similar situations. However, a phobia can be just as easily unlearned as it was learned. Marisa shows you how to do this, step by step, in her popular ‘Overcome your fear of heights’ hypnotherapy audio.


How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Heights


Marisa’s pioneering audio hypnotherapy allows you to deliver self-hypnosis, as many times as you wish, from the comfort of your own home, without having to spend time travelling to a therapist in person. These audios help you overcome fear by implanting suggestions and commands into your subconscious using specific language patterns delivered by Marisa’s voice. These restructure your thoughts around heights and things related to heights such as bridges, flying, etc and allow you to remain calm and relaxed when confronted with an originally fearful situation.


Hypnosis allows you to tackle your emotions and subsequent actions there and then, reducing feelings of vertigo and anxiety so that you can do all of the fun activities you’ve wanted to do for years, without a single fear. Whether you have a longing to try bungee jumping or whether you want to see the view from the top of the Empire State Building, you will be able to experience this with as much excitement and euphoria as everyone else, rather than being restricted by feelings of fear and nervousness.


If you’re ready to overcome your acrophobia and would like to try Marisa’s self-hypnosis audiobook, then head over the Marisa Peer shop via the link below and get your hands on your instant download of Marisa’s ‘Overcome your fear of heights’ audio for just £38.49.


Hypnotism is a notoriously quick and effective method of adjusting your attitude towards specific behaviours. Overcoming your phobia of heights can open up a range of doors to new and exciting experiences.


Discover new heights today with Maria Peer hypnosis.