Overcome Your Fear of Flying


Marisa Peer has the key to unlock the cause of many common phobias and release you from the anxiety that comes with any fear, in particular, helping you overcome your fear of flying.


Download your copy of ‘Overcome your fear of flying’ from the Marisa Peer shop today for just £38.45.


Marisa’s series of goal directed hypnotherapy sessions, delivered through an easy to follow audiobook, you can learn how to control your emotions when presented with your phobia trigger, and learn how to stay relaxed and calm whilst travelling on an airline.


Phobias are all psychological and so only require a psychological and emotional adjustment in order to overcome them – and learning how to overcome your fear of flying is no different. Marisa will help you think of flying as uneventful as driving your car to work every day.


How Hypnosis Will Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying

A fear of flying is simply a fear of not having control over your environment. You can remove yourself from an anxious situation in a car by stepping out, or getting off a train. However, since you cannot get off a plane at your own will, this elicits a fear of being trapped and out of control. This has many associations with claustrophobia and can lead to anxiousness. It is believed that flying fears are not a fear of being on a plane but rather this anxiousness that comes with flying. Therefore, hypnotherapy teaches you to overcome the emotions and anxiousness that are brought about by your own mind. After all, a fear is only your reaction to a situation, so what does hypnotherapy do? – it changes your reaction.


Receiving expert hypnotherapy from a therapist such as Marisa Peer will teach you how to control your thoughts and reactions and how to transfer the feeling of normality and safety you feel when in a car, train or boat to airline travel.


Flying can take you further than you ever could by boat or rail and once you learn how to take control of your emotions, flying will become second nature. You know what they say – the world’s your oyster!


Visit the Marisa Peer shop today to get your hands on a copy of the ‘Overcome your fear of flying’ audiobook for just £38.45.


Let us know how you get on and where you will travel to next.