Marisa Peer is a pioneering hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience in curing a range of phobias. You can receive Marisa’s award-winning treatment by downloading her audiobook from the Marisa Peer Shop below for just $49.00.

Marisa’s experience allows her to cover the treatment of flying, public speaking and heights. Her audios help you feel relaxed and in control and work by gradually exposing you to the concept of your fear, after which you will be one step closer to conquering more specific phobias.

The three audios focus staying calm and relaxed, and making you realise that control of the phobia comes with control over your thoughts and feelings. After all, phobias are simply psychological, so requires a psychological adjustment to overcome it.

Getting to the Root of Phobias

Phobias are generally learned – except for two fears (being dropped and noise). Therefore most other social phobias and simple phobias such as agoraphobia, are a result of an experience that has occurred at some point in your lifetime, where a negative association was formed with that object.  Although these associations can begin to hold us back and interfere with our lives, they are acquired and so rather simple to treat with the right approach.

The following three audios are designed to have the same effect as face-to-face goal directed hypnotherapy sessions with Marisa, and work by implanting commands and suggestions into your subconscious. These suggestions change the way your mind reacts to thoughts and images associated with phobias and offer immediate relief from fear after just one session.

Here’s what one of our valued customers has to say about her experience with Marisa’s phobia hypnotherapy:

“Over the years, what had been a dislike of flying developed into something absolutely out of control. I was terrified and didn’t think I would ever get on a plane again. Then I was asked by my publisher to go to MIT in Boston to photograph someone I admire tremendously. Instead of being thrilled, I was totally distressed. A friend told me about Marisa, saying hypnotism might help. Although doubtful I took my friend’s advice and to my utter surprise Marisa, through hypnotherapy, has cured me of this upsetting and inconvenient phobia. Not only did I fly to Boston, I have also made several journeys to Italy and more impressively, New Zealand.” – Judy Groves

All phobias are rooted in some form of previous trauma or internalised experience, and listening to these audios can release you from this experience and remove the negative manifestations that the fear has produced.

If you would like help conquering your fears, phobias or symptoms related to anxiety and depression then download any of the audiobooks below and see just how quickly you are able to notice your fears slowly fade away.

Click the link to purchase your copy of Marisa’s phobia hypnotherapy for just £38.45.