Perfect Relaxation

 This audio will show you how to enter a state of perfect relaxation using popular hypnotherapy techniques delivered by Marisa Peer herself.

Marisa uses a variety of specific language patterns to implant suggestions and commands directly into your subconscious. These are used to reprogram the way your mind responds to certain stimuli and allow your brain to defer its attention from stressful, negative and distracting thoughts. This audio has helped hundreds of people who suffer with relaxation problems break away from the stresses of life and enter a quiet, personal space from the comfort of their own home. That’s right, the great thing about the Marisa Peer audiobooks is that they can be listened to as many times as you want, wherever you want. You can download the highly popular ‘Perfect Relaxation’ audio for just $49.00 from the Marisa Peer shop.

No need to listen to ridiculous mountain streams or spend hours watching meditation videos, instead this audio directly will put you into a state of perfect relaxation within just minutes of starting the session. Not only will this audio enable you to unwind whenever you want, it will also dramatically improve your mood and wellbeing. Being able to depart from stress is important for regulating the balance of hormones which control your mood.

Perfect Relaxation | Feel Younger?

The perfect relaxation audio is part of a four part series called the ‘Becoming mentally and physically younger’ audios. These all work to complement each other and work wholly to make you look and feel younger. For example, the perfect relaxation audio can also be used to make you sleep and works well in conjunction with the ‘Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep’ audio in this series.

Marisa has built herself a stellar reputation among the hypnotherapy community, including writing award-winning books and making several guest appearances on TV to demonstrate the power of hypnotherapy. Testament to her 25 years of industry experience are the fantastic results her work has achieved in people across the globe.

“For three days in a row now I’ve been feeling myself as happy as never before! It takes you right from where you are, clearly shows you what is wrong, and heals it – not like a plaster, but rather like a huge divine beam of light piercing you and pouring straight into your soul, healing you from the inside…”

Download ‘Perfect Relaxation’ now for just £38.01.