Improve Memory and Concentration

This audio uses the power of the mind to dramatically improve memory and concentration, by implanting a range of commands and suggestions directly into your subconscious. Marisa’s language patterns allow these commands to be accepted by your mind and thus enhance your memory efficiency. This audio can be used to improve memory and concentration at any age, in particular; information absorption, retention and recall.

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The great thing about Marisa’s audio books is that once they’re yours, they’re yours for good! You can listen to them whenever you want, wherever you want – even from the comfort of your own home. The trick with any change is consistency – and with consistent use of this audio comes a young, powerful memory.

Improve Memory and Concentration | The Best Hypnotherapy on the Market

You may have heard of various ‘brain foods’, meditation techniques and herbal remedies that are supposed to improve memory and concentration, however, there is nothing better supported by evidence that the art of hypnotherapy on memory. Hypnotherapy directly alters your mind to focus more of your body’s energy into memory consolidation and retention. Protein structures are what brings an abstract thought into a physical memory, and hypnotherapy can increase the responsiveness of the cells which drive and maintain this protein synthesis. The result? A better preserved memory. This audio will be particularly effective for people suffering with dementia as it could potentially delay the process of memory degeneration.

Marisa Peer is a highly experienced hypnotherapist who has travelled the world sharing her expertise on the power of hypnotherapy, across all areas of personal development. Marisa has featured on GMTV, BBC and TEDx and has written 4 award-winning bestselling books, all designed to help people all over the world be the best versions of themselves they can be. By creating a plethora of free eBooks and audiobook resources, Marisa has devised one of the most comprehensive ‘self-help’ hypnotherapy packs in the UK. Testament to this are the staggering results her clients have achieved worldwide in everything from memory concentration and phobias to fertility and addictions.

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