Becoming Mentally & Physically Younger

Pioneering hypnotherapist Marisa Peer has created a series of four audio books that teach you how to become mentally & physically younger. These include not only tips on how to feel younger but also how to maintain healthy skin, improve your memory, relax better and how to preserve deep, unbroken sleep.

Download any of the four audio books today for just £38.00 each.

This range incorporates all the main areas that Marisa feels are most important in becoming mentally & physically younger. For example, the ‘Improve memory and concentration’ audio improves your ability to absorb, retain and recall information. On the other end of the spectrum, the ‘Get younger skin’ audio reprograms your brain and its thoughts in order to delay the processing of ageing, and hence how your skin responds. This can maintain your collagen levels for healthier, plumper looking skin for longer.

It has been proven that people with skin conditions, migraines, or joint pains can become free of the symptoms if they’re mood changes for the better for example, falling in of love. Depressed people send different messages to their organs, sometimes making them feel and act older. Depression and low mood can cause skin to draw and pinch whereas happy, optimistic people get sick less frequently. Based on this psychology, Marisa has tailored an audio programme which covers all areas of the ageing process so that you can maintain younger skin as well as your memory, sleep patterns, and much more.

Becoming mentally & physically younger is not just about how to stay young, it’s about how to feel young, be more confident and happier. Youthfulness is not just cosmetic, it’s primarily how you feel about yourself. Marisa understands this and incorporates a great deal of confidence-related hypnotherapy into her audios. Clients leave each session with a new burst of life in them, feeling more positive and energised about the future.

Becoming Mentally & Physically Younger | Success Across the Globe

Many people report feeling instantly younger and energised after just one session of Marisa’s hypnotherapy. By listening to such audios on a regular basis, hypnotherapy will become part of your routine and allow you to escape from a busy day to a relaxed state of mind. Learning how to relax properly is important for preventing the signs of stress on your body, and often a key factor affecting the rate at which we age. Marisa’s audios coach your mind into dealing with stress more calmly, and relaxing more by implanting commands and suggestions directly into your subconscious.

For more tips on healthy ageing and becoming mentally & physically younger, visit the Marisa Peer shop today and download any audios from this rage for just £38.01 each. You won’t believe the power of your body until you put your mind to it!