Attract and Maintain Love

In this section of the Marisa Peer shop you will find a range of resources created to help people attract and maintain love with whom they are best matched.

Using over 25 years of experience in hypnotherapy, Marisa Peer will guide you through the process of attracting an ideal partner with confidence. These audios place particular focus on building your individual self-esteem and confidence as it often plays an integral role when trying to attract and maintain love. Even the animal kingdom consider confidence as an indicator of a reliable and worthy partner. Humans  still rate confidence as one of the most attractive traits in a person. This is because if you are someone who doesn’t seem to believe you are attractive or loveable, others are less likely to also. Whereas if you portray the energy of a confident, attractive individual, others will pick up on these signals and find you equally attractive.

Marisa’s ‘Attract your perfect relationship’ audio was rated #1 by Cosmopolitan magazine and has helped hundreds of people across the globe attract and maintain love. There is no formulaic key to successful relationships, however, mutual respect, attraction and common interests are often essential in relationships that stand the test of time. Marisa understands this and has tailored her hypnotherapy to help you attract and maintain love with people similar to you, based on the energy you radiate.

Attract and Maintain Love | Two Best Audios on the Market

By listening to both of these audios you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the art of attraction and wi leave each session feeling more and more confident and motivated to find love. Once you’ve met your special someone, Marisa offers a range of relationship hypnotherapy audios designed to teach you how to uphold a loving, respectful relationship for the long run.


“I can feel a huge source of self-confidence deep inside me that cannot be affected by any outside influences. It feels incredible! I can now easily talk to anyone, say a complement or even joke about my accent without any feelings of being hurt or a drop of self-esteem. Now I am on the right way to being exactly the person that I want to be, I will get there!”

“Marisa’s life changing CD was recommended by Cosmopolitan magazine as helpful for anyone who is looking for love and wants to attract the ideal person. Listeners stated that it has done wonders for them and their love life. Find out more on how to attract your ideal soulmate and learn the key ingredients for achieving the loving lasting relationship that you desire and deserve.”

To download Marisa’s award-winning CD visit the Marisa Peer shop today and get your copies of the ‘Attract your perfect relationship’ and ‘Increased confidence and self-esteem’ audios for just £38.05 each. These audios are great for people who are looking to meet someone new as well as those who are already in relationships but looking to find new ways to maintain their love and affection. For more advice, read our blogs.