IVF Conception


This audiobook is designed to complement the IVF process and increase the chances of successful IVF conception.


Download the IVF Conception audio now for £38.55 from the Marisa Peer shop.


Marisa created this audio herself to work alongside IVF fertility treatment to guide your body into doing what it is naturally built to do – create a perfectly healthy baby. IVF (in vitro fertilisation) aids the process of natural fertilisation by fertilising the egg outside of body and implanting it back into the womb as a zygote to develop into an embryo. Vitro fertilisation refers to the latin of ‘in glass’, which in turn refers to the fertilisation of the egg in a petri dish or glass test tube.


Marisa believes that since the body’s mechanisms are largely controlled by the mind and it’s readiness to perform certain actions, removing negative thoughts and deeply internalised emotions around having children can encourage your body to respond more effectively to reproduction signals.


This is done by implanting commands and suggestions into your subconscious when under a state of hypnosis – here Marisa uses specific language patterns to guide your mind and body into conceiving.


Marisa built a stellar reputation for herself since making several television and radio appearances and the publishing her series of award-winning books on improving fertility and other personal development topics. Now, Marisa is regularly flown all over the world to meet couples and deliver her expert hypnosis in the hope of bringing about successful conception, healthy pregnancies and even pain-free births. However, you can now receive your own personal hypnosis from Marisa from the comfort of your own home. Marisa’s audiobook covers all areas of IVF conception hypnotherapy that you would receive in a one on one session with Marisa.


Natural and Efficient Ways to Improve IVF Conception Using Hypnosis


Listening to this audio everyday for around a week will effectively rewire your mind’s subconscious attitude to having children and will trigger your body to respond more efficiently to reproductive signals. This in turn should enhance the likelihood of successful implantation of the fertilised egg into the womb.


If you want to try hypnosis to improve your chances of successful IVF conception then download Marisa’s audiobook now from the Marisa Peer shop for just £38.55. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do when you put you mind to it.