IVF Conception Pack


Get your copy of the three-part IVF conception pack to increase your chances of a successful IVF conception, perfect pregnancy and an enjoyable pain-free birth.


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This IVF conception pack is specifically designed to work alongside IVF treatment and contains a series of hypnotherapy audiobooks which use Marisa’s voice to guide your body and mind into creating a perfect, healthy baby.


IVF Conception Pack | Best Selling 3 Part Series


Although many fertility drugs claim to solve the heartbreaking reality of ‘unexplained infertility’, by using a drug they are actually trying to solve the problem from another biological perspective. If Doctors could not explain your infertility, it’s unlikely a drug will be able to target an ‘unidentified’ problem and fix it. However, hypnotherapy approaches unexplained infertility from a psychological perspective. This IVF conception pack uses pioneering hypnotherapy to improve the mind’s response to reproductive signals and remove potential psychological barriers preventing you from feeling ready to conceive. Testament to this theory is the success Marisa has had whilst travelling the world and helping hundreds of couples achieve successful IVF conception.


Marisa uses specific language patterns, commands and suggestions in this IVF conception pack to directly target your subconscious mind. This allows your brain to refocus itself on the goal of bearing children and relaxes your body so that it can listen and respond to the signals Marisa feeds your mind in the audiobook.


Marisa’s treatment involves no fertility drugs, no herbal remedies and certainly no wacky online ‘tips’ for conception. This hypnosis is simple and aims to reinforce the idea that you want to have children so that your body refocuses itself on that specific goal. This is because our body’s actions are largely dependent on the brain as a control system, and directing the brain’s goals can in turn direct the body.


The benefit of this audio is that it can be listened to as many times as you wish, whenever you wish and from the comfort of your own home! Here you can truly relax and feel comfortable, and focus on Marisa’s guidance and therapy.


If you too want to try hypnotherapy as a remedy for unexplained infertility and a complementary treatment for IVF, then head over to the Marisa Peer shop now and download your copy of ‘IVF conception pack’ for £38.55.