Improving Sperm


Marisa Peer’s pioneering hypnotherapy can help improve male fertility by not only improving sperm quality but also the rate at which your body produces healthy sperm.


Although this may sound strange, the mind guides most of body’s reactions and this doesn’t stop at creating babies. A more powerful, relaxed and focused mind will increase your natural fertility.


Marisa uses specific language patterns to implant suggestions into your subconscious which will alter your brain’s biology and help trigger the reproductive pathways required to create a perfect, healthy baby.


Natural Methods of Improving Sperm Quality


Although there are plenty of micronutrient, herbal and dietary recommendations for improving sperm, one tried and tested method is indeed hypnotherapy – and testimony to this is the worldwide success of Marisa Peer and her pioneering fertility hypnosis.

Marisa has helped even men and women with unexplained infertility and made cycles and cycles of failed IVF treatment finally succeed and bring a beautiful healthy baby into the world.


Marisa made a name for herself following several television and radio appearances and the publishing of her series of award-winning books. Now, Marisa is regularly flown all over the world to meet couples and deliver her expert hypnosis in the hope of bringing about successful conception, healthy pregnancies and even pain-free births.


Improving sperm is not difficult nor something that requires time and patience – rather, two or three hypnotherapy sessions can vastly improve your sperm count, sperm volume and sperm quality leading to overall improved male fertility.


This audiobook contains over an hour of quality hypnosis which will put your mind and body into a relaxed state where commands and suggestions can easily access your subconscious. Combining this with use of the ‘Conception’ hypnosis audio will ensure that you are both equally psychologically ready to conceive.


You can purchase an instant download of the ‘Improving sperm’ audiobook from the Maisa Peer shop today for just £38.55. This audio guide has been incredibly popular in recent years and has a fantastic track record for enhancing the success rate of IVF in couples across the world and also the chances of future pregnancies.


For more information on improving sperm and fertility have a read of our blogs or alternatively read the highly popular ‘Trying to get pregnant’ book, by Marisa, which covers all areas of male and female fertility and methods which are believed to enhance it.