If you would like to improve your chances of natural conception then download Marisa Peer’s pioneering hypnotherapy fertility treatment audiobook which delivers the same hypnotic treatment offered in a face-to-face session of goal directed therapy with Marisa.


Conception is greatly determined by a range of biological and health factors, however, what many don’t know is the important role the mind plays in bringing about readiness to conceive. Many people suffer from infertility and often find that hypnotism is successful in aiding conception as it adjusts one’s subconscious attitudes towards raising children and pregnancy, removes deeply internalised emotions and better prepares the woman’s mind and body for having a child.


Hypnotism can remove negative thoughts that you may not even know you have, nor that they are restricting your ability to conceive. It is designed to implant suggestions and commands into your subconscious to increase feelings of positivity towards having children.This does not mean that you currently have a negative ‘opinion’ towards having children, but you may have an internalised attitude you do not know about. When hypnotised, this attitude is removed and the likelihood of conception increases.


Conception | Worldwide Success


Marisa has been flown all over the world to deliver pioneering hypnotherapy to hundreds of women who have found success and healthy pregnancies as a result of Marisa’s treatment. Hypnotism largely compliments IVF treatment which works by retrieving 2 or 3 eggs after the mother’s ovulation period and fertilises them with the father’s sperm “in vitro”, meaning in glass or in a petri dish. After successful fertilisation, the zygote is allowed to develop once implanted back into the mother’s womb. Hypnotism can ensure the body’s readiness for successful implantation into the wall of the womb, and many women have found that even after cycles of unsuccessful IVF, hypnotism was the determining factor in bringing about successful conception for many couples.


Marisa understands how stressful it can be trying for a baby and so has created a series of conception, pregnancy, and birth related hypnosis audios so that you can listen to leading up to your due date; offering the same hypnotherapy that would be delivered in a face-to-face session with Marisa, without the stress of booking, arranging and traveling to and from therapy.


Marisa really has thought of everything and has done her utmost to ensure that you are able to deliver your own hypnosis easily with her ‘Conception’ audio.

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