Conception Pack


Download your copy of the three-part conception pack to ensure you have a natural, successful conception, perfect pregnancy and an enjoyable pain-free birth.


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Marisa’s conception pack is a series of hypnotherapy audiobooks which use Marisa’s voice to guide our mind and body into doing exactly what it was designed to do – create a perfect, healthy baby.


Conception Pack | Worldwide Success


Marisa has been flown all over the world to deliver pioneering hypnotherapy to hundreds of hopeful parents and has seen some fantastic results for those seeking both IVF and natural conception. Marisa’s conception pack has had much success in helping women conceive even when they have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility – which Marisa believes can in fact be ‘explained’ by a psychological restriction. This means that deeply internalised negative thoughts about pregnancy and raising children can hinder your body’s readiness to conceive.


Throughout this conception pack Marisa uses specific language patterns, commands and suggestions and implants them directly into your subconscious. This reprograms previously internalised thoughts surrounding children and constructs new, more positive thoughts which in turn relax and calm your body, better preparing it for conception.


This is the ultimate conception pack on the market because it can be listened to right up until the birth of your beautiful baby. It includes hypnotherapy for conception, pregnancy and a pain free birth and can be listened to from the comfort of your own home where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. This is key to successful ovulation and subsequent conception.


Marisa has made several appearances on television and written an array of award-winning books, which have gained her the renowned reputation she has today as one of Britain’s leading hypnotherapists. Marisa has helped hundreds of women conquer unexplained fertility problems and have beautiful, even enjoyable births.

If you too are struggling to conceive and would like to know how to bring your mind and body into perfect harmony then this conception pack will do exactly that. It will provide you with the fertility support you need.

Download your copy of Marisa’s top selling three part ‘Conception Pack’ and watch your body and mind suddenly begin to work together like clockwork to bring you the beautiful, perfect baby you’ve wished for.


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