Infertility is a problem many men and women suffer with across the world but luckily in this modern day and age there are plenty of ways to improve the chances of natural conception, as well as many other different non-biological ways to bring a baby into your family.

Hypnosis is becoming more and more popular amongst hopeful parents who dream of bringing a healthy, beautiful baby into the world. Hypnosis not only increases your chances of conceiving naturally but also helps increase the success rates for those undergoing IVF treatment. Even women who have tried cycles and cycles of IVF without success have found that fertility treatment through hypnosis has resulted in later successful conception.

Although it may seem illogical to use a psychological force such as hypnotism to drive a biological mechanism such as conception, much of the body’s readiness to conceive is believed to stem from our underlying attitudes towards raising children, birth and pregnancy. Fertility causes a range of biological changes that allow you to conceive – many of which are controlled by the hormones released by the brain. Marisa’s techniques focus on manipulating and encouraging the onset of these biological changes by starting with the mind.

How Hypnotic Infertility Treatment Works

Using hypnosis to treat infertility involves ridding your mind of the negative thoughts, emotions and anxiety that is restricting you from reaching your goal of conceiving. If you are having infertility issues then a hypnotherapist can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of positivity and remove deeply internalised fears.

The goal of hypnotic infertility treatment is to induce hypnosis and then implant suggestions and commands into your subconscious so that you are in the best possible mindset to conceive.

Many people find the process of organising and travelling to and from infertility hypnotherapy rather daunting and stressful and so have opted to download Marisa’s ‘Infertility’ audiobook. This audio has become increasingly popular and delivers the same hypnotism as you would receive in a one-on-one session with Marisa. Not only is this cheaper and easier than arranging face to face sessions, it also means you can listen to the audio as many times as you wish, whenever you want. It’s important to keep stress and anxiety at bay when trying to conceive so if you ever find yourself in a stressful situation, this audio means you can retire to a quiet place and tune in.

If you are struggling with infertility and would like to try hypnotic fertility treatment to improve your mental and physical reproductive health, then Marisa’s audiobook may be the solution you’re looking for. These audios provide easy to follow steps which will gradually walk you through the stages of hypnotism and mentally prepare you for conception.

Marisa’s fertility series also includes an audio which teaches you how to have a fast, pain-free birth and has worked for hundreds of women all over the world.  Visit the Marisa Peer shop for more information.