Hypnotic Gastric Banding

Pioneering hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, has devised a popular at-home hypnotherapy audio series named ‘Hypnotic Gastric Banding’ that helps trick your brain into believing that the stomach is smaller than it is and that it reaches satiety sooner.


Marisa’s method is well founded in psychological and hypnotherapeutic theory and manages to alter your mindset towards food and exercise, leaving you more motivated to make wiser food choices and exercise more often.


Hypnotic gastric banding is not only safer than having a surgical gastric band or gastric bypass, but also much more sustainable This is because a surgical gastric band does not come with a traffic warden that monitors the food you put into your body, it simply restricts the amount you can eat. However, a hypnotic gastric band is able to not only reduce the perceived size of your stomach, but also adjusts the thought processes regarding the food you are most attracted to by using pioneering hypnotherapy. This means that in the long run, if you were to have a surgical gastric band removed you would still have the same eating habits, and would eventually begin to overeat again. However, hypnotic gastric banding is designed to work in the long run and will maintain the mental adjustment as long as you continue listening to the gastric band hypnosis.


Hypnotic Gastric Banding | Safe, Natural, Long lasting Weight Loss

Attitude changes towards food and exercise can occur after just one session increase over time to create an overall distaste for unhealthy food and a preference for natural, healthy foods. It is impossible to maintain a low body weight if you cannot sustain the way you lost the weight. Drastic liquid diets, weight loss pills or excessive exercise regimes may work in the short term, but as no mental change is occurring towards your attitudes surrounding food, then by following any drastic diet you are likely to simply slip back into old habits.

Marisa is here to guide you through this mental shift and expose you to a new world where you have control over your food choices, motivation to maintain an healthy lifestyle and early satisfaction with meals.

Download of Marisa’s hypnotic gastric banding audio now for just £38.05 – you will not regret it. Please leave Marisa a comment on our testimonial page to let us know how you get on.