Pass Your Exams With Confidence and Skill

This audio will teach you how to pass your exams with confidence and skill using a range of hypnotherapy techniques. Marisa had coached many students and adults through their skills test such as a driving test or an upcoming exam. Marisa’s shows you how to fully relax your body and mind, so that you can remember everything you studied in revision.

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You will feel your body relax, your mind become alert and then everything you’ve revised will be ready in your mind to retrieve with ease. No stress, no panic, just you in totally control in your exam.

Reading through the exam paper will trigger the correct answers and they will come to you accurately and consistently. You will be able to finish your paper on time, with time to spare for you to run through and check your answers – not that you’ll need to! Make sure that you’re months of revision and study skills do not get hindered by nerves in your exam by downloading this audio today for just  £37.85.

Pass Your Exams With Confidence and Skill | Pioneering Hypnotherapy from Marisa Peer

This audio will change your mindset by implanting suggestions directly to your subconscious via hypnosis. This is done in a very specific way using Marisa’s language patterns that cause the mind to accept these suggestions.

These audios offer the exact same hypnotherapy that you would receive in a face to face session of goal directed hypnotherapy with Marisa. However, they offer you the ability to self-hypnotise and deliver your own therapy as many times as you wish, wherever you wish. These simple downloads can be listened to on the train, before bed and of course before your exam. So what are you waiting for? Pass your exams with confidence and skill and get ready for star grade card!


Here is what one of our valued Amazon customers has to say about Marisa’s audio, dedicated to teaching you how to pass your exams with confidence with skill:

“For three days in a row now I’ve been feeling myself as happy as never before! … now I can feel a huge source of self-confidence deep inside me that cannot be affected by any outside influences. It feels incredible!”

Download your copy of the audio for just £37.85 and pass your exams with confidence and skill!