Stop Drinking

This audiobook can help you stop drinking and stay sober thereafter. Alcohol addiction is not a habit of action but rather a habit of thought, which can be easily reprogrammed using hypnotherapy. This audio delivers award-winning hypnotherapy by Marisa Peer herself and guides you through the process of rethinking drinking habits and alcohol cravings, in a way that results in a disinterest in alcohol all together. If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to learn how to stop drinking, then download the ‘Stop Drinking’ audio for just £38.05 below.

You brain is programmed to remember things you enjoy and to actively seek triggers for such pleasures. The way to stop drinking effectively is to reprogram these sensory and motor pathways in a way that will remove your attraction to alcohol completely. The most efficient, inexpensive and long lasting way to do this is by hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy tackles most alcohol problems by implanting suggestions and commands into your subconscious that retrain your brain to think differently about alcohol. Hypnotherapy has the power to turn an alcoholic into someone who thinks nothing of alcohol, even if there were to be surrounded by other people drinking.

Stop Drinking Easily

It is actually quite easy to stop drinking using hypnotherapy because the audio does all the work for you. No need for willpower when you next visit a bar and no need to avoid the alcohol aisle when you next go shopping. Hypnotherapy simple removes your behavioural tendency to seek alcohol and replaces it with a neutral, disinterested representation of alcohol. Therefore, contrary to many approaches designed to stop drinking, hypnotherapy is far easier and sustainable.


“Prior to FEB 15th 2008 I would drink an average of one and a half bottles of wine per night. In addition I would drink lager with brandy chasers at least once per week. On the 15th I made a visit to Marisa Peer for a one-off hypnotherapy treatment and since that day (2 years ago) I have never touched any alcohol whatsoever. I have no desire to even think of taking a drink. Marisa I must again say thank you.” – Steven Loud, Park Insurance Services Bristol

If you want to stop drinking then download this audiobook from the Marisa Peer shop today and we promise you will not be disappointed with the results!