Selective and Moderate Drinking

This audio will teach your brain the art of selective and moderate drinking using pioneering hypnotherapy, created by Marisa Peer. By regularly listening to this audio you will program your brain to stop drinking after one or two drinks. If you are heavy drinker or someone trying to overcome a habit of binge drinking, this audio will train your brain to recognise suitable alcohol consumption and stop drinking when the effects of alcohol start. This will stop you drinking continually and keep both your mind and body safe, and more importantly, in control.

Selective and Moderate Drinking | Giving You Control

Marisa Peer is a highly popular hypnotherapist in the UK and America and has built herself a stellar reputation amongst the hypnotherapy community through her pioneering work on addictions. This includes the treatment of drug, alcohol and nicotine addictions alike, for which Marisa has developed a series of audio guides that allow clients to self-deliver hypnotism from the comfort of their home. This audio in particular implants suggestions and commands into your subconscious to program your brain to only approach alcohol with a selective and moderate drinking mindset.

Marisa specialises in all areas of personal development; from overeating addictions to the treatment of eating disorders, phobias and of course alcoholism. This experience has equipped her with an array of techniques that provide instant results for her clients and have improved the quality of life of hundreds of people across the globe:

“Prior to FEB 15th 2008 I would drink an average of one and a half bottles of wine per night. In addition I would drink lager with brandy chasers at least once per week. On the 15th I made a visit to Marisa Peer for a one-off hypnotherapy treatment and since that day (2 years ago) I have never touched any alcohol whatsoever. I have no desire to even think of taking a drink. Marisa I must again say thank you.” – Steven Loud, Park Insurance Services Bristol.

If you struggle with taking control over your alcohol consumption and want to learn the art of selective and moderate drinking, then get in touch today.