Quit Smoking Today

You can quit smoking today with this groundbreaking hypnotherapy audiobook, available to download now for just £38.02.

Created by Marisa Peer herself, this audio has helped thousands of smokers worldwide overcome their addiction for nicotine by totally removing the psychological desire to react to and satisfy smoker’s triggers. Triggers can be anything from the invitation at work by your colleagues to go for a smoke to simply seeing someone twiddle a pen between their fingers. The trick with quitting smoking is not only weaning your body off the nicotine dependency, but also removing the psychological reaction to smoking triggers that remain after your body has been withdrawn from it. Without this, relapse is highly likely, and long term freedom from smoking can be incredibly difficult.

Quit Smoking Today and Never Look Back

With the help of Marisa Peer and her pioneering hypnotherapy you can quit smoking today and never pick up a cigarette again. Marisa will coach your brain to form a disinterest in smoking all together by implanting commands and suggestions directly into your subconscious to gradually unravel the behavioural long term memory pathways that focus on your desire to smoke.

Marisa will be there to provide guidance and motivation from your very first day of quitting, and will continue to provide ongoing support throughout your quit plan via email and ‘quit smoking’ eBooks.

Sometimes, no matter how disgusting or distasteful an anti-smoking campaign, it’s not always enough to stop you buying your next packet of cigarettes. This is because you have conditioned yourself to respond to smoking triggers and elicit a behavioural motor response – smoking. To quit smoking today, you have to effectively ‘numb; the emotional and behavioural connection in smoking and train the body to stop wanting to smoke when presented with a trigger. Once you have successfully completed this audio, you will be able to decline these offers with no problem at all, and will even develop a distaste for smoking as a whole.

Marisa Peer has made several celebrity guest appearances on GMTV, BBC and TEDx and has stunned the world with the power of hypnotherapy in the treatment of addictions such as smoking.