Freedom From Drugs


If you are fighting an uphill battle for freedom from drugs then you will benefit from Marisa Peer’s pioneering addiction hypnotherapy. The ‘Freedom from Drugs’ audio delivers calming hypnotherapy which activates an indifference to drugs and a subsequent disinterest in your drug addiction.


Sometimes it takes a lot more than a message on a cigarette packet or a marketing campaign to stop you administering a drug. Marisa understands this and is expertly trained in the psychology of addiction and how to treat it.


Freedom from drugs is a long and distressing path for those who do not tackle the psychological cause of the drug or alcohol addiction. However, Marisa Peer’s pioneering hypnotherapy has had enormous success as a drug addiction treatment for people from all over the world.

Freedom From Drugs Starts With The Mind Not The Body


Although an addiction is a habit of action, these actions are actually controlled by a habit of thought. By targeting an individual’s subconscious, you can unravel the habitual thought processes which drive the addictive behaviour and the result of such psychological rewiring is an immediate disinterest in drugs.


With this in mind freedom from drugs can be achieved by anyone, even those with longstanding addictions to heavily damaging and addictive drugs such as heroin and methamphetamines.


Most drug addiction treatments delivered by drug rehab centres focuses on weaning an individual off the drugs and coping with the biology of the addiction first and then focusing on ensuring the psychological attraction to a drug is kept at bay. However, hypotherapy reverses this approach by first interfering with the psychological mediator of an addiction and then allowing the biological habits to subside as a consequence.


This is much healthier, safer and primarily easier than trying to quit an addiction on your own and relying purely on your ability to override your own habitual thought processes. Why not make this so much easier for yourself by removing them all together? Hypnotherapy will do exactly that and put you back in control of you, your mind and your body.


“Thank you Marisa — I visited you over 20 years ago and you hypnotised me to stop smoking. It was one of the most amazing experiences — apart from a short lapse I am cigarette free and I can still visualise the stories you planted in my mind now. Incredible!!” – Jackie