Addictions – how to overcome them

See how overcoming all addictions is possible with pioneering hypnotherapy.

Start your journey on the road to recovery from drug addiction with the help of pioneering hypnotherapist,

Marisa Peer. Marisa has amassed over 25 years of experience delivering her expert hypnosis all over the world, and specialises in helping those looking to overcome an alcohol, smoking or drug problems.

Marisa Peer’s range of audio’s allow you to self-deliver award-winning hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. With regular listening comes a greater control over your addiction to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. The audio’s deliver the same hypnotherapy as that offered in a face to face session of therapy with Marisa. They show you the root of the addiction and how to overcome both the physical, but more importantly, psychological root of the issue.

Unlike a fasting diet or drastic withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, hypnotherapy promotes long-lasting changes in addictive behaviour because they target the psychological cause of such behaviours. Behaviours are primarily psychologically driven, so by changing your mindset towards alcohol and drugs, you are more likely to be successful in overcoming all addictions than via ‘rapid withdrawal’. Withdrawal from a drug does not give your body the chance to wean off its dependance, leaving you with the continued psychological desire to smoke or drink. This is why relapse often occurs during the process of overcoming all addictions because most remedies focus on the biology, rather than the mental motivators.

Overcoming All Addictions by Reprogramming the Brain

Sometimes even scary, but factual adverts are not enough to stop your addiction. Here is an alternative method that can help you to gain freedom from drugs.

Addictions are habits of action, run by habits of thought and by changing the thought process, as well as the habit itself, long term success is almost always achieved.

By understanding your own addiction, you will have a better grasp on how to overcome it. Hypnotherapy targets your subconscious to remove strong connections towards your drug of choice and Marisa’s therapy teaches you how to maintain power over your thoughts in the future. Previous alcoholics can now walk into any bar or club and hang out with friends without a worry in the world for the alcohol around them, and previous drug users can move forward with their lives without the ongoing desire to seek support from drug abuse.